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I create and direct performances, and I live in Oakland, California. I want to give you experiences you will remember on your deathbed.

Here are some things people have said about my work:

It didn’t feel like theater, it just felt so real. Being alone at such a pivotal moment in the show really reiterated how personal the experience was. I felt like this show would still have been produced if I was the only one there. There was at once the feeling of being invisible and really being seen. Just an amazing feeling. The actors were so sensitive as to what my experience was. I felt like they were true to themselves as characters, but also building upon my experience, rather than imposing any experience on me. It felt like my own personal dream.
– Oakland Audience Reviewer

Me and the other audience members were all agog by what we’d experienced. What a lovely, mysterious, immersive, and genuinely unnerving experience.
– Oakland Audience Reviewer

The show was shockingly brilliant. Structure, whatever. I mean, not whatever. Amazing execution. But it wasn’t good because it was well-executed. It was good because it was like I had a dream, and woke up, and realized that I couldn’t communicate why it was so powerful, and realized that everyone else had had this dream too, and it had been just as important to them. It communicated with me in ways I thought were private, and it took me a while to figure out that they were intentional. It did things that I still don’t know how to talk about. I didn’t know theater could do that.
– Oakland Audience Reviewer

Totally magical, visually and emotionally. Creativity like this in the theater is rare.
Terry Sendgraff

I was slack-jawed.
– San Francisco Audience Reviewer

Stunning. I went home heartbroken and uplifted.
– Minneapolis Audience Reviewer

There is so much more that blooms within the viewer’s mind after seeing the show. It obviously contains much more than you thought you saw at the time.
– Oakland Audience Reviewer

Her shows move through darkness with empathy and profound, deep humor. This is deeply humane theater.
– Oakland Audience Reviewer

This absorbing mystery keeps surprising right up to the end. I will think about this piece for weeks.
– Minneapolis Audience Reviewer

Finely realized physical performance…mesmerizing. Five stars.
Twin Cities Daily Planet

Delicate, clear, well-observed, sensitive, precise.
Jon Ferguson

Her work pushes boundaries. It’s complex, sophisticated, and fun.
– David Ford

I feel compelled to say that CounterPULSE is my fiscal sponsor!

The upshot for you is that if you decide to make a donation toward the development of a show, I can give you a tax write off. Fancy! You can e-mail me about such things.

Speaking of e-mail!

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All other miscellaneous inquiries can be addressed to info (at) jessicaferris (dot) com